10 new ideas to freshen up your old business


“At times you encounter a wall, a wall where all your momentum of the past will only tend to crash you, that is when your business needs to make a leap so that it may reach the expressway on the other side of the wall”

– Eric F. Buell of Harley Davidson & EBR

So you are in a stalemate. Your enterprise which was the hottest new entity at one point of time is now just one of the list of names of all the others. Business is ‘okay’ but the new firms mushrooming in the market are slowly but surely eating out of your pie. The ideas that were once revolutionary have now become obsolete and your workers are just going through the motions. With the advent of latest marketing & office tools in the work scenario, your organization is turning into a dinosaur. On the other hand, you may be trying to keep abreast but need a ready reckoner on what exactly you need to put in. You are at the right place. 10 new innovations that can update your firm to the 22nd The century will be discussed & let us hope that you find the position that you are looking for, for your company in the global marketplace

  1. Power excelMS Excel is a widely used software in all enterprises. It is of vital significance in maintaining inventories, working, output details & order details. However, plain Jane Excel is redundant these days. What such a powerful software does is that once it is installed, it acts as a VBA tool to remove duplicate files, clean up data for speeding up Excel & do other bits like counting words & lines in xls. Files. Clutter gets removed, data can easily be skimmed through, the application becomes faster & productivity increases manifold.
  1. Web data scraper This is perhaps the most powerful software of all in this list & the one that has got the potential to be a true game changer for your enterprise. Business has gone over to a different plane altogether in this cyber era. Advertising, marketing, educating, relating & retailing are all done online these days. People purchase, analyze & sell on the World Wide Web. The old ways of dealing with all these tasks & the old warthogs that dealt with them have all become bows in a time of machine guns. This application is what you need to stay ahead of the competition in such a situation. It very intelligently gathers all the data that you need from various websites & even search engines. While doing so, it relies on auto-pause functionality that lets it go undetected in the face of anti-mining measures put into place by engines like Google & Yahoo, etc. It can extract images, content, hyperlinks & even contact details for all those sites where you may find what you are looking for. Once it has done so, it arranges the gathered data & mines it specifically for whatever requirements you feed into it. Once this information has been collected, it arranges this wealth in a tabulated manner for easy access. It can preserve the same in either .csv or .txt form for future reference. That is not enough for this technological marvel, though. It can also update the whole search engine so that it is always one step ahead of the rest of the competition.
  2. Bulk SMS software– The issue of staying in touch with the existing clientele & an expanding customer base is primary to every business. With no expansion comes stagnation. A stagnant business is considered to be a dead one. Also, if communication is not maintained with the existing customers, chances are that they may drift away to other vendors. A great opportunity of upselling to existing customers is also lost in this manner. Using a utility like this, you can connect with thousands of customers at one go. Personalized messages can also be sent to each recipient in order to infuse the touch of personal connects. This is the next logical step from the obsolete methods of marketing in a general manner through newspapers, magazines, etc.
  3. Mobile number finder– The previous item on the list might have got you wondering,” But where do I find the numbers of these new clients to SMS them?” A major issue that comes up in front of any business once they are done exhausting the available client list is that of finding new clients. However, the best part about the online World of today is that all is available only if you know where to look for it. This software can be used to extract phone, mobile & fax numbers from not just specific websites but also entire search engines. The details, thus found can then be saved to be utilized in the future by a software like the previous one.10 business-growth-ideas
  4. Data copy tool– This is something that can be a lifesaver for organizations that have a number of systems between which, data has to be shuffled. This can be quite a time-consuming process involving not just individuals, but also a number of hardware devices like pen drives. This, on the other hand, creates issues related to data theft & corruption. On the other hand, this data cloning application allows one to copy all kinds of files from one hard drive to another & also through a  shared network. For privacy concerns, if the date & time of original file has to be altered, that can be done as well by modifying the basic details of the file as per one’s desire.
  5. Website email extractor– With emails fast replacing all other modes of business communication, a grip on this medium can go a long way in making your business a successful one. If you are smart enough to go one step further & look into forums & sites that deal with issues related to the particular kind of goods/services that you retail, a veritable treasure trove can be harnessed. This brilliant piece of modern tech allows you to skim through specific sites, forums, and search engines hunt for new leads. These are then saved in the desired format for use in the future. This not just lets you get in touch with your future customers in an instant, it also does away with lead providers who charge outrageous rates for stale leads.
  6. Mobile number generator– This is an alternative for those who want fresh leads to dial on  a minute to a minute basis or to those who want to target thousands at once with their bulk messages. This clever piece of tech generates numbers in bulk on the basis of the command given by you. Just give a country code of the country that you wish to target & in just a matter of seconds, you will have a list that will give you thousands of new buyers in one go.
  7. Word find & replace– In all those systems on your network you have got n number of files that you want to use, but which you can’t because there are certain rectifications that have to be done. In such cases, people generally tend to outsource their work which is not just expensive, but there is also a risk of spillage & leakage of classified information. Keeping a dedicated staff member/members of the same is also wrought with the same issues. This finds & replace tool can be a lifesaver in such situations. You just have to give input of all those files on all those network computers & voila! Whatever you want to find & replace gets done @ a thousand files a minute.
  8. Batch prints– There are thousands of files waiting for the computers of your firm to get printed. You hand them over to the printing department or the store next door. After an inordinate delay, you finally get the printouts, but the bill that comes along feels like a trumped up obscenity. When there is printing to be done on a set schedule you have to constantly stay in touch with these same guys so that your workers/students get those leaflets on time. All this is set to change with this revolutionary software. You can print files of various formats like .Doc, .txt, .rtf, etc. in bulk & at your desired time. Files from the whole network can be brought in its ambit & they can be saved in the hot folder so that the next time around you do not have to bother your head about filing them in all the clutter of your system.
  9.  ANSI to Unicode converter– You have those files in Nepali, Marathi, Hindi or Hinglish that you wish to convert to Unicode MS Word files for obvious reasons. The days when you kept a person engaged in the translation task while another formatted the document for English have passed. This software converts ANSI to UTF-8/Unicode & can do so for 100s of files in a matter of seconds. RTF, TXT, DOCX,etc. file formats can be fed into it & then Kruti can be converted to Mangal or Arial Unicode MS as per your need. Even headers, footers, Wordarts & auto shapes can be converted. This is an ideal application to turn your indigenous firm into a global one in today’s cross-continent business environment.

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